What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Entail for Your Loved One?

In honor of National Eye Exam Month, it might be time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your elderly loved one. Curious about what would make an eye exam comprehensive? This information might help.

Home Health Care Perinton NY - What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Entail for Your Loved One?

Home Health Care Perinton NY – What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Entail for Your Loved One?

Her History and Her Family History

Your loved one’s family history can tell her eye doctor quite a bit about what she can expect. Her own medical and vision history may have some significant information in it, as well. This is why your loved one’s eye doctor asks so many questions about medical and family history at appointments.

How Her Pupils React and Focus

Your loved one’s pupils must be able to move and focus within certain parameters in order to help her to see properly. Your loved one’s eye doctor will test her pupils and verify that they’re able to react and move the way that they should. This may involve dilating her pupils, which involves special eye drops to artificially cause your loved one’s pupils to become larger. This isn’t essential at every visit, but her eye doctor may notice something that he wants to verify with this additional test.

How Her Eyes Move

How your loved one’s eyes move, from left to right and in other directions, can also give her eye doctor important information about her vision. Your loved one’s doctor will also test her peripheral vision, which is your loved one’s vision from the side.

Pressure within the Eyes

Changes in the pressure within your loved one’s eyes can indicate a variety of different eye problems, including glaucoma. This is a simple test that involves a puff of air directed at your loved one’s eye. If your loved one’s eye pressure is elevated, her eye doctor can let you know what you can do to help in your loved one’s individual case.

Examining the Retina and Optical Nerve

It might seem that your loved one’s retina and optical nerve are something that can’t be seen, but that’s not the case. Your loved one’s eye doctor uses light and magnifying lenses to peer into her eyes and verify that both her retina and her optical nerve are healthy.

Verify Prescriptions According to Current Needs

Many people who have put eye examinations off may be wearing glasses and contact lens prescriptions that aren’t quite right for how their eyes are right now. Your loved one’s eye doctor will look at her current prescription information from the glasses or contacts themselves and then verify whether that is the right one for her.

If you’re not able to take your loved one to the exam, it’s a good idea to make sure that someone else can go. This might be another family member or a home health care provider, but your loved one may need someone to drive after her eyes are dilated.

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