Making Coupon Month Part of Your Home Care Efforts

Home Care Services Perinton NY

Home Care Services Perinton NY

September is Coupon Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to encourage your aging parent to find out strategies for saving money and making their shopping more efficient by using coupons. This simple change in their shopping approach can help to boost their budget while also offering them personal benefits such as stimulating their mind, providing a greater sense of responsibility and relevance, and even encouraging them to be more active in their own daily home care tasks.

Use these tips to make using coupons part of your home care efforts for your care efforts for your elderly parent during Coupon Month and throughout the rest of the year:

• Find sources for coupons. Gone are the days when coupons were just about what you could clip out of the newspaper. While circulars and newspaper ads are still an abundant source of coupons, you can also find many money-saving clips online. Check the websites of your parent’s favorite retailers, coupon websites, and budget blogs to find coupons for the products that your parent uses most.

• Know the brands. It is important to realize that most of the time you are only going to be able to find coupons for brand name products. Since these products are almost always more expensive than the store brands, the savings might not actually equate to saving money if your parent is willing to use the store brand. Encourage them to try store brands and only use coupons if they definitely prefer brand names.

• Check for competitor matching. You might find that several stores in the area offer coupons, but it can be tiring and time-consuming to try to get to each of these different stores to purchase the different items. Find out if your parent’s favorite store accepts competitor coupons or matches the price on circular ads. This way you can still get everything that they want or need without having to drive all over town to use the different coupons that are available for that particular week.

Starting senior home care services for your elderly loved one is a fantastic way to encourage your parent to maintain greater independence and support a healthier, more active, and more engaged lifestyle as they age in place. A senior home care services provider can be with your elderly parent on a schedule that works for them so that they are able to manage their individual challenges, limitations, and needs while also taking on as many of their own tasks as possible and staying active and engaged in the world around them. One of the ways that they can do this is by helping your parent find, organize, and manage coupons for the products that they use most often and then go to grocery store with them to assist them with their shopping. This helps them to feel more independent, enjoy greater independence, and not feel as though they are restricted to when you are available to bring them to the store or to do their shopping for them.

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