Protecting Aging Skin in Winter

Home Care Services Henrietta NY

Home Care Services Henrietta NYSkin damage becomes prominent as we age. Skin, our largest organ, becomes thinner and red spots begin to appear along with patches of discoloration. The production of collagen, which gives our skin strength and elasticity and is the most prominent protein in the body, begins to decline. Wounds come quicker and heal slower. And winter doesn’t help. This season intensifies the effects of aging. Cold winds leave skin chapped, cracked and dry. Heated rooms leave little moisture to replenish the damaged skin.

Protecting Older Skin in the Winter

Stay away from drinks that dehydrate such as alcohol and caffeine. If you do partake, double up on the best hydrating beverage—water. Sport’s enthusiasts may reach for the Gatorade to replace electrolytes and carbohydrates, but the best drink for dry, thirsty skin is plain water without the added salt and sugars.

From the Outside In

The first rule in the winter is to protect your skin from the wind and cold that this season brings. Be sure you and your loved one have the proper attire. Gloves are rated according to winter temperatures. If you both still enjoy a brisk walk, be sure your gloves are rated accordingly. And don’t forget your hat, scarf and toasty jacket. Knit or fleece hats with full face masks and neck covers are appreciated by seniors that tend to be affected more by the cold.

Use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip skin of vital oils. Look for ones with jojoba oil. Add serums—concentrated moisturizers—to your skins regime and look for moisturizers with vitamins C, E and A. Oil based moisturizers add additional moisture. Avocado or sesame oil are good ones to look for.

Winter’s Other Effects

The effects of wind and cold go further than skin deep. Winter tends to keep seniors inside and isolated more than the other seasons. This is a good time to consider obtaining the services of an in-home care provider. They can offer assistance with daily activities as well as provide companionship for your parent. They’re available for taking your parents out for a winter activity, maybe a trip to the local cafe for warm apple pie and a cup of hot cocoa. They are happy to get the fire going, prepare the tea and get out the Parcheesi game to ensure your loved one is happy throughout the winter season.

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