Family Dinners Are a Great Time to Talk About Home Care Services

You’ve noticed your dad now struggles to get the garage door open and the lawn mower started. Maybe your mom has a hard time getting downstairs to the laundry room. An aging parent may be reluctant to ask for help, but ignoring the situation is not a solution. For his or her safety, your parent needs to understand it’s okay to admit household chores are becoming a challenge. You may find yourself having to really encourage your parent to open up.

Home Care Services Brighton NY - Family Dinners Are a Great Time to Talk About Home Care Services

Home Care Services Brighton NY – Family Dinners Are a Great Time to Talk About Home Care Services

A family dinner is an excellent time to discuss your concerns. While everyone is gathered around the table enjoying a meal and maybe some wine or beer, an open, non-judgmental discussion can help everyone talk about their concerns and what they’d like to see change. Here are tips on how to arrange a family meeting where home care services are brought up.

Let Your Parent Lead

Your parent is the person you’re worried about. At the same time, it’s frightening for your mom or dad to admit they’re getting older and less stable. Let them lead the discussion. Avoid raising voices or accusing. Instead, listen to their wishes and concerns and address them one at a time.

Emphasize the Flexibility of a Home Care Service’s Scheduled

Ensure your parent understands that caregivers do not have to come in every day. Your parent still has the freedom to be in his or her home, all while doing the things he or she loves. Emphasize that caregivers offering home care services make it possible for your parent to live at home with help coming in only when it’s needed.

Print a List of Possible Services

Look at area home care services and compile a list of the services they offer, such as meal preparation, transportation, or laundry. Bring that list to the dinner for your mom or dad to look over. You may find them becoming very enthusiastic when they realize they’re not being babysat by caregivers. Instead, your parent will have a person to take over the household chores that they simply don’t like doing.

End the Dinner With Plans to Talk to a Home Care Service

At the end of the dinner, make sure everyone is ready to sit down with a home care service provider to discuss your parent’s needs. Getting to meet some caregivers may be enough to ease your parent’s worries and ready to transition to having companionship and help around the house.

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