Home Care Services Alleviates Anxiety for Seniors and Their Families

Home Care Services in Penfield, NY – One Family’s Story of Finding Relief from Anxiety Through Senior Care

Carla never really thought or worried about her father as she was growing up. As an adult, Carla got married and had children and also worked a full-time job. Throughout most of her adult life she only got to visit with her father on special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, and maybe the occasional Thanksgiving dinner.

When her mother passed away she spent more time checking in on him through phone calls, the occasional visit, and keeping in contact with his closest friends. As those friends began to pass away, she got more and more concerned that her father might be lonely or dealing with certain issues living alone. She never really thought much about the prospect of home care services, mostly because anytime she talked to her father he sounded okay and didn’t complain about issues he was dealing with.

As her children were grown and living on their own, and with her husband and her working full time to provide more financial support for their retirement, she still didn’t have a significant amount of time to devote to taking care of her father. He lived about an hour away from her and she got in the habit of stopping by to physically check in on him at least once a week. She was calling him daily and even though everything seemed okay, anxiety was increasing in her life because of her concerns.

One afternoon while having lunch with a good friend, she was talking about the issues and concerns she was having with regard to her father. Her friend mentioned that it might very well be time to talk to him about hiring some type of in-home care service.

Carla wasn’t too keen on the idea because she subscribed to some of the common myths and misconceptions about home care services. She told her friend that every week she was looking at some other news article about a fraud case or abuse regarding home care services. Her friend tried to alleviate her concerns and told her those issues were few and far between.

In truth, Carla actually began to research it and found that her friend was right. The vast majority of in-home care service providers are compassionate, honest, hard-working people who only want the best for the elderly clients in their care.

She talked it over with her father and he agreed to hire home care services. Within the first couple of weeks, the anxiety Carla was feeling began to dissipate. Making that decision was great for not only her father but also herself. Hiring home care services can alleviate anxiety for the elderly client as well as his or her family members.

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