Home Care Service in Rochester, NY: Cultivating Resilience At Any Age

It’s a commonly thought but incorrect view that the ability to bounce back after a tragedy is the result of lucky DNA. It is now known that the capacity to rebound or be resilient can be grown and developed. Some research even indicates that this capacity probably increases with age due to the extra experience.

So, it seems that resilience is more a collection of action, thought and behavior rather than some specific trait in one’s personality. Some of the thoughts and behaviors that combine to make resilience are a good sense of one’s life purpose, a strong social network, a firm set of values or beliefs, some type of faith or spirituality and a sense of humor.

Home Care Service in Rochester, NYThe road to aging has its share of speed bumps. Some are illness, loneliness, grief, anxiety and depression. Resilience is like a buffer against these issues. It doesn’t guarantee you won’t experience these negative emotions, but it can sure help you overcome and bounce back more quickly.

How to cope with stress

Home care service providers and aging adults both have to face their share of stress. Chronic anxiety and ongoing stress have a negative effect on the brain, killing neurons and preventing the creation of new neurons. The hormones released during stressful times are cell-damaging. When a person is depressed or stressed they have a difficult time in retaining new information or learning new skills.

Stress reducing exercises such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga have a positive effect on alleviating stress at any age. These should be done on a regular basis. It’s not too hard when you think about it. You may say that you don’t have 20 minutes per day to meditate, but how about starting out with 5 minutes?

Our minds have a marvelous influence over our bodies. If our mind is full of stressful ideas and thoughts, there will be a negative impact on our body. If our mind is full of peaceful ideas and joyful thoughts there will be a tremendous positive impact on our body.

How to accentuate the positive?

  • Life has negative, neutral and positive events. Find something positive in the negative and neutral moments to give your brain and body a boost of positivity.
  • When you have a positive moment, accentuate it. Breathe it and live it and remember it. It will have a positive effect that lasts a long time and you can draw on that positive happy memory later when you need it.
  • Meditate on happy things. Think of a place you love, of something that brings you much joy and happiness. Let the positive feelings flow through the mind and body.

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