Why Is Your Health as a Caregiver Important?

Many caregivers scoff when someone advises them to treat their own health as urgently as they treat the health of their aging adult. There are so many reasons that this is sage advice and you don’t want to personally experience the negative effects of ignoring this wisdom.

Home Care Rochester NY - Why Is Your Health as a Caregiver Important?

Home Care Rochester NY – Why Is Your Health as a Caregiver Important?

You’re the Caregiver

The biggest reason to be concerned about your own health when you’re a caregiver is just that. You are the caregiver. If your health fails, who will be providing home care to both you and to your elderly family member? Very often there is no one else upon whom the burden of caregiving can fall. Ultimately, taking care of yourself is going to relieve yourself of bigger problems down the road.

Your Existing Conditions Don’t Go Away

Just because you’re taking over the caregiving responsibilities for your aging adult, that doesn’t mean that your own health conditions go away. You may be able to ignore minor issues at first, but what usually happens is that minor health conditions, once ignored, become much bigger problems for you to manage. Keeping your health issues under control keeps them from getting too massive to manage.

Stress Takes a Physical Toll

Your health can also be the “canary in the coal mine,” if you will. Stress takes a physical toll on people, even when they’re very healthy otherwise. Stress can make you more susceptible to both minor and major ailments. You might experience muscle strain or tension, extreme fatigue, or even headaches. Other physical issues can also manifest themselves. By paying attention to what is going on with your health, you are more likely to spot these issues and correct them before they get out of hand.

You Run the Risk of Burning Out

Ultimately, ignoring your own needs can lead you to a point of burning out. Caregiver burnout means that you’ve been burning your candle at both ends to such an extent that you no longer have anything to give. This is a dangerous condition for a caregiver to reach because you literally have no further fuel to feed your fire any longer. You might begin to feel hopeless and find that you can no longer care for your elderly family member on any level. Taking care of yourself keeps you from reaching that state.

If you don’t take the time now to focus on integrating your own health management into your life as a caregiver, you won’t be able to keep going for long on your caregiving journey. For many caregivers, that thought can be more motivating than anything else.

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