Why Is Respite Care So Important?

Respite care is something that caregivers can have a difficult time coming to terms with, especially on a regular basis. It’s much easier to believe that respite isn’t something that’s useful, either to yourself or to your senior. But the reality is that you both need respite and home care providers can help you to get it.

 Home Care Rochester NY - Why Is Respite Care So Important?

Home Care Rochester NY – Why Is Respite Care So Important?

Caregiving Isn’t All that You Do

Even if all that you did was take care of your senior, you still need respite time. As it is, you likely have a lot of other responsibilities that demand your time and your energy. You have to account for each of those demands and when you’re tapped out, it’s often too late to walk yourself back from the ledge. It’s a far better idea to take steps to take care of yourself before that happens, which is where respite comes in.

Respite Gives You Both a Break

Believe it or not, sometimes your senior needs as much of a break from your companionship as you do from hers. It’s not that either of you don’t care about the other. The reality of life is that everyone needs some time away from each other now and again, even if it’s just for a few hours. This can help a lot more than you realize with relationship friction you might be experiencing with your senior.

It’s Easy to Get Worn Out by Caregiving

Caregiving is demanding, both physically and emotionally. It’s easy to overlook how wearing that can be on your mind and on your body. Taking a break allows you to recover from all of that wear and tear, even if you’re not convinced that you’re dealing with difficult situations and big demands. Those issues are ones that easily sneak up on you, wearing you down before you realize it fully. It’s much better to prepare in advance.

You Matter in This Equation

The most important thing to remember is that you really do matter. You’re not just your senior’s caregiver, you’re also a person with your own needs. If you’re taking the best care possible of yourself, that’s going to help you to take better care of her. That means resting now and again, especially with the help of respite care.

Getting the full benefit of respite care might take you some time to adjust to. Meet with home care providers and work out an initial plan that makes you and your senior feel comfortable. As you realize how much respite helps, you can adjust that schedule even further.

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