What Physical Fall Risks Are Plaguing Your Senior?

Falls are a massive problem for older adults. It’s vital to be aware of what might make your senior more likely to fall. These are called her fall risks and some of them are related to her physical health.

Home Care Rochester NY - What Physical Fall Risks Are Plaguing Your Senior?

Home Care Rochester NY – What Physical Fall Risks Are Plaguing Your Senior?

Changing Vision

Your senior’s vision is a huge part of helping her to avoid a fall. If she isn’t able to see what’s in her way, that makes a fall far more likely. Talk to her doctor and to her eye doctor about what you can do for your senior’s vision. There may be more that can be done than you think. At home, make sure she’s got plenty of lighting and that clutter is out of her way.

Losing Strength and Muscle Tone

Another big factor is losing muscle tone and strength. Your senior may have lost more of both than she realizes, making it difficult for her to walk as safely as she needs to. Exercise can help, so talk to your senior’s doctor about what exercise is right for her. Even a little bit of extra movement can help a lot.


When your elderly family member isn’t eating the right foods, she’s not getting the nutrients that she needs. Convenience foods are fast and easy, but they usually don’t have all of what your senior needs. It’s a lot better for her to focus on whole foods that are full of nutritional benefits. The problem is that this often means cooking more. Home care providers can help with the cooking, ensuring your senior is getting plenty of healthy foods to eat.

Side Effects from Medications

Your senior might need all of the medications that she’s taking, but if she’s experiencing side effects, that can be a problem. Side effects like dizziness and drowsiness are particularly dangerous for your senior. Talk to her doctor about how her medications affect your senior and what she can do to make sure she’s as safe as possible while taking them.

Falls She’s Already Experienced

Any previous falls can be a risk factor now, too. First there’s the fact that she might still experience injuries or pain from that fall, even if it was a while ago. The other problem to consider is that one fall can make your aging family member a lot more fearful of falling again. That fear can keep her from doing what she needs to do safely.

Keeping track of all of these different risk factors is important for you to be able to put the safety tools in place that your senior needs. Make sure to re-evaluate her fall risk regularly with her doctor.

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