Some states are still experiencing snow. Meanwhile, the end of April brought scorching temperatures to areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Cities in all three states saw temperatures soaring into the 80’s and 100’s. Summer is around the corner.

If your dad is on his own, you need to take precautions to make sure he isn’t overheating. When you live close, it’s easy to stop in and check. If you live hours away, no one may know his home is too hot until he’s in need of urgent medical attention. There are ways he can cool off before he’s at risk of heat stroke.

Home Care Rochester NY - Try These Quick Ways to Cool Off on Hot Days

Home Care Rochester NY – Try These Quick Ways to Cool Off on Hot Days

Get Air Conditioning Set Up

If your dad doesn’t have central air, purchase air conditioners for his bedroom and main living area. He doesn’t have to run them all day, but even a few hours are enough to lower his body temperature. Energy efficient/power saver air conditioners save electricity by turning off and on as needed. They can be helpful if your dad is worried about high electricity bills.

Set Up an Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Does your dad have a shady place on a deck or patio? Fill a small inflatable pool with water in the morning. When your dad feels too hot, he can lay in the cool water. If possible, have him wear a t-shirt and shorts into the pool and then not change out of them when he gets out. The damp clothes will help him keep cool.

Wear a Damp T-Shirt

One of the easiest ways to stay cool when you’re outside in the heat is by wearing a damp t-shirt. Avoid the full sun, soak a t-shirt down, and you’ll feel cool. As the t-shirt dries out, dampen it again.

He can get his t-shirt wet by standing in a shower and soaking it down or spraying off with the hose. What’s important is that he keeps that t-shirt damp.

Close Blinds and Run Fans

Your dad should close all the blinds in his home. Turn on fans to keep air circulating. When it cools off at night, he can open windows and put in window fans to draw in the cooler air overnight. When he gets up, return to closing all the blinds and running fans again.

It may be time to hire home care aides for you dad. If he is spending too much time outside on hot days or doesn’t turn on his air conditioning, a home care aide can monitor his behavior and intervene. You don’t want him becoming too hot and dehydrated. Call our home care agency to schedule routine caregiver visits.

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John Hunt