Being a caregiver can mean you’re under a lot of pressure. Your senior’s care might fall entirely to you, after all. But you can and should still find ways to lighten your mood and help yourself relax whenever you can.

Home Care Rochester NY - Six Ways You Can Relax as a Caregiver

Home Care Rochester NY – Six Ways You Can Relax as a Caregiver

Find a Way to Laugh

Laughter is so powerful that some people even call it medicine. Regardless, it’s something that people need to do. Whatever it is that allows you to see the humor in life is something that you need to embrace regularly. Make time to laugh.

Set Some Priorities

When you’re feeling as if you’re constantly in over your head, that’s an awful feeling. One way around this is to sit down and determine what your priorities are. From there, set goals for each day according to those priorities. You’re going to start feeling more in control every day.

Give Yourself a Time Out

You can’t keep running and running without a break. At different points throughout your day, give yourself a small time out. You might have a cup of tea on the front porch or take a few minutes to read in a quiet part of the house. Whatever it is that gives you that mental and emotional break, take it.

Give Yourself a Longer Time Out

Just a few minutes here or there doesn’t fully cut it, though. You have to give yourself a bigger break regularly. If your senior needs to have someone with her, hire home care providers to take over while you go take care of yourself. You’ll be in a better position to solve problems when you get back.

Stop Taking Things Personally

It’s really difficult to avoid taking some situations personally, but you need to learn this skill as a caregiver. Your senior may be frustrated or angry with her life right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. If you take the blame and hold onto that, it’s going to make you miserable, too. Learn to accept responsibility only for what you truly are responsible for.

Go on a Complaint Diet

When you’re focusing on the aspects of life that aren’t so great, you’re going to tend to see more of them. That’s why putting yourself on a “complaint diet” can be helpful. When you notice yourself complaining about something, try to turn it around and find the positive.

Once you find a few ideas that work well for you, try alternating them and using them more often than just now and again. That’s going to help you to cultivate a feeling of relaxation for longer than just a few minutes at a time, which will help your overall outlook.

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John Hunt