What Should Be in a Severe Weather Emergency Kit?

Severe weather can be very dangerous for elderly adults. From loss of electricity to property damage, severe weather can result in serious hazards for your elderly parent. As a family caregiver, it is extremely important for you to take steps to protect your parent and help them through such events in the best way possible.

One essential way to do this is making a severe weather emergency kit to keep in their home. This kit should contain the items that your parent could use to get them through periods of extreme weather and issues such as power outages as safely and healthily as possible.

Home Care Rochester NY - What Should Be in a Severe Weather Emergency Kit?

Home Care Rochester NY – What Should Be in a Severe Weather Emergency Kit?

Items that should be kept in your parent’s severe weather emergency kit include:

  • Enough easy to prepare, non-perishable, nutritious food to sustain your parent and anyone else who may be in the home with them when an emergency strikes, such as you or a home care provider, for at least three days. Ensure that the supplies are appropriate for your parent’s dietary needs.
  • Enough potable water to sustain your parent and anyone else who might be in the home with them when the emergency strikes for three days or more,
  • Enough potable water to aid in preparation of food, hygiene needs, and taking medications as necessary,
  • Medications that your parent may need to take,
  • First aid kit with supplies to manage health issues and injuries that might arise,
  • Safety supplies including a whistle or small bullhorn, bright fabric or flags to draw attention, flashlights, extra batteries, a battery-operated radio, and basic tools,
  • Communication supplies including a mobile device, charger, and emergency battery,
  • Two or more sets of clothing and additional, versatile clothing such as sweat suits for anyone else who might in the home,
  • Blankets and towels,
  • Documents including identification, insurance information, doctor information, deeds to the house, and other information kept in a watertight container,
  • Any supplies needed for their pets to keep them safe and healthy throughout the emergency,,
  • Toiletry items to manage hygiene needs in the event that the severe weather causes a loss of electricity and running water.
  • Entertainment such as books, puzzles, and games.

Just as your parents needs and challenges can change as they age, so can your ability to meet those needs. Whether your senior has developed new limitations or health challenges that require additional care, your own challenges or limitations have increased beyond your ability to fulfill their care needs, or your schedule has become busier and you do not feel that you’re able to give your parent the care that they need, home care maybe the ideal solution.

A home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure that they receive the level of care and attention that is appropriate for them and that also takes into account the care that you give them. This means that they can meet their needs, stay safe and healthy, maintain greater independence and activity, and also enjoy the benefits of diversified care from both of you and their home care provider.

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