Protecting Your Senior’s Home During the Holiday Season

It is a sad thought that anyone would victimize others during the holiday season, but the reality is the holidays are a peak time for crime. Houses filled with new goods, frequent traveling, and even the simple fact that it gets dark earlier can make it much easier for criminals to commit crimes against others, particularly elderly adults.

Home Care Rochester NY - Protecting Your Senior's Home During the Holiday Season

Home Care Rochester NY – Protecting Your Senior’s Home During the Holiday Season

As a family caregiver you want your parent to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest, and that includes staying safe and secure. Taking steps to protect their home will help them to feel safer and guard them from potentially dangerous, devastating activities during what is supposed to be a joyous and celebratory time.

Use these tips to protect your senior’s home during the holiday season:

  • Avoid putting christmas gifts on display during the season. While it might look beautiful to have these gifts under the tree, it also advertises the goods that are available in the home, which can be attractive to potential criminals. Keep gifts hidden for the majority of the season, and especially if your senior is going to be out of the home.
  • Schedule package deliveries for when your parent will be home with you or with their home care provider. This protects the package itself, but also reduces risk that a criminal will pose as a delivery worker to gain access to the home.
  • Check over all lights and decorations your parent is using to ensure they are in good condition. Electrical fires are common during this time of year, so it is important to make sure your parent is only using wires that are in good condition and to not overload the electrical outlets.
  • Avoid placing furniture or decorations near windows as this may provide a ledge that can make it easy for a criminal to get into the house.
  • Remember to lock and secure all doors and windows throughout the home. Consider providing extra security by adding a dowel into tracks of windows and sliding doors.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult sometimes means facing challenging tasks and needs you didn’t expect in your aging parent. You love your senior and want them to get all of the care and support they need, but may feel intimidated by these needs, or incapable of feeling them. When this happens, home care can help.

A home care services provider can fill care gaps and take on tasks that are too challenging for you, or that you or your senior are uncomfortable with you handling. This means their needs are managed in a dignified and respectful way, and you experience less stress as you manage their care needs.

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John Hunt