Is Caring for the Elderly Really as Difficult as Some Say?

Your mom has Alzheimer’s. You and your brother have been weighing the pros and cons of assisted living or handling her care by yourselves. Some of your friends and family say it’s too much. They’ve been there and know there’s no way you can handle it. Others say you’d be a horrible person if you hired someone else to care for your mom. Is caring for an elderly parent really that hard?

Home Care Rochester NY - Is Caring for the Elderly Really as Difficult as Some Say?

Home Care Rochester NY – Is Caring for the Elderly Really as Difficult as Some Say?

Every Experience is Different

The problem with caring for an aging parent is that no two experiences are the same. What one family experiences isn’t what you’ll experience. While you might need a steady income to pay the bills at your own house, a friend may be set living for free with his mom and not need an income.

Plus, your mom may not love the idea of having you providing her care. She may not enjoy having her grown child telling her what to do. She may resent you reminding her to take her medications and feed the dog.

Different Health Conditions Bring Different Symptoms to the Table

If your mom has Alzheimer’s, her care needs will be completely different to those of someone with diabetes. Your mom will need around-the-clock supervision at some point. She may wander off while your sleeping. She may forget who you are and become aggressive. As the disease progresses, the list of necessary home care services also increases.

After a hip replacement, a senior may need help with showering and grooming. As mobility increases, the need for services will also decrease. There may come a point where that senior no longer needs home care services.

Some seniors simply need someone to provide companionship. They need to be social and home care services meet those needs. They may be fine with one or two visits per week from you or a caregiver while someone with Alzheimer’s needs daily care services.

No Matter What Level of Care is Needed, Don’t Overlook Respite Care

Whether you decide to provide the bulk of your mom’s care or not, home care services will improve your family’s lives. Your mom gains a companion on the days you have to work. While you’re away, you know there’s someone you can trust caring for your mom when you have other obligations.

If you decide to care for your mom, you still need someone to take over while you go out with friends or family members. You need time to see a doctor for your own checkups. You need breaks for vacations and days off. Learn more about the full range of services available with home care. Call our agency now.

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