As a family caregiver, you’ve seen firsthand how the effects of aging take a real toll on your aging loved one’s body. Besides seeing them struggle to stay active and social, you’ve also witnessed how hard it can be for them to prepare healthy meals for themselves.

Home Care Rochester NY - How Home Care Prevents Elderly Malnutrition

Home Care Rochester NY – How Home Care Prevents Elderly Malnutrition

One of the most common concerns that family caregivers have about their aging relatives is their ability to get proper nutrition from regular meals and snacks. You can take steps to ensure that your loved one isn’t malnourished when you hire in-home care providers to help out.

Why Are Meals So Challenging for Some Seniors?

Decades of research show that good nutrition provides the body with powerful health benefits, which is especially important with elderly adults. Good nutrition is not only important for the body to work effectively, but it is also essential in managing many chronic health conditions found in many seniors, like diabetes, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, and high blood pressure, among others.

The major reasons why aging adults don’t eat very well usually stem from things like limited access to grocery stores, lack of stamina and ability, medication side effects that suppress appetite and mental health issues like loneliness, depression or dementia. Each of these obstacles can be overcome by hiring an in-home provider to take over meal planning and preparation.

How Home Care Providers Help With Meals

A hired home care provider can make it a priority to plan, prepare and serve healthy meals to the elderly adult. They can also have nutritious snacks accessible throughout the day. This way, the senior isn’t exposed to a diet of non-beneficial calories, unhealthy ingredients and low nutrients. The best part about hiring a home care provider for meal preparation is that family caregivers can set up a customized schedule that specifically meets their aging loved one’s needs. For example, if there are meals that family caregivers can cover, the home care provider only needs to come during the other times. If the elderly adult has dietary restrictions, the home care provider can accommodate those.

Some home care providers do the shopping and meal planning, while in other cases the family caregivers do that part and the provider simple prepares and serves the food. Customization means that the elderly person gets exactly what they need. Home care providers can create meals each day or they may prepare some make-ahead meals for a few days in advance. If the elderly adult can assemble a few ingredients, they may even enjoy helping so they feel more self-sufficient.

However, the plan is arranged, it’s a sure bet that the aging adults will be healthier and happier when their bodies feel good and they can enjoy truly tasty food.

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