How Home Care Helps Family Caregivers

Family caregivers to older adults have a big job. They spend hours each week doing all sorts of things for their aging relative. It can be overwhelming and may sometimes interfere with their other relationships. For example, a busy parent to teenagers might have difficulty making it to school events, like basketball games or concerts, because they need to be with the older adult. Some caregivers also lose hours at work, and therefore money, because they have to take off to sit with an ill senior or take them to doctor appointments. If this sounds familiar to you, hiring home care may be a huge help to both your aging relative and you.

Below are a few of the ways a home care provider can make the life of a family caregiver easier.

Home Care Rochester NY - How Home Care Helps Family Caregivers

Home Care Rochester NY – How Home Care Helps Family Caregivers

Transportation for the Older Adult

Age doesn’t keep people from needing to get out of the house to run errands. Seniors still need groceries. They need to go to the post office. And, they need to be able to get to medical appointments. Family caregivers are often called upon to drive their older family members from place to place. That can certainly be time consuming. Fortunately, home care offers transportation services to older adults to any place in the area they need to go. Since the senior or family caregiver can schedule home care for times that work for them, a provider can be on hand for the times when the older adult usually needs a ride to the grocery store or elsewhere.

Medication Reminders

One of the things you may worry about when you cannot be with the older adult is whether or not they are taking their medications. Forgetting to take medicines is a common problem for seniors. It can lead to poor management of a condition, which can result in all kinds of complications and the need for additional care. Home care providers are not able to administer medicines, but they can remind your loved one when it is time for them. This can mean better health for the senior and less worry for you.

House Cleaning Services

If your older family member has difficulty keeping their house clean because of illness or frailty, the task likely falls on family caregivers. That can mean you’re not only keeping up with your own housework, but also with taking care of the senior’s house. Light housekeeping is another service offered by home care. Home care providers can dust, vacuum, sweep, and do other miscellaneous chores.

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