How Do You Decide When Your Mom’s Home is No Longer Safe for Her?

Your mom lives alone. She’s always wanted to stay in her home for as long as possible. Is there ever a time that a family home just isn’t safe? Some seniors remain at home for the rest of their lives. For others, there does come a time when downsizing is important. Here are the questions your family needs to discuss.

Home Care Rochester NY - How Do You Decide When Your Mom's Home is No Longer Safe for Her?

Home Care Rochester NY – How Do You Decide When Your Mom’s Home is No Longer Safe for Her?

Is the Home on One Floor?

As mobility changes, going up and down the stairs all day may become too much to manage. If your mom’s house is multiple floors, she may not need to move, but she will need to have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and main living area on the same floor she enters. If that’s not possible, stair lifts may be necessary.

Once you’re looking into updating the home with things like stair lifts or elevators, you have to decide if it’s cost-effective to stay in that home. It may be a better decision to sell and downsize to a smaller, more manageable one-level home.

How is Her Health?

Some of the chronic health conditions elderly men and women face aren’t that debilitating. Arthritis can affect some mobility, but aids like extending grabbers, grab bars, and ergonomic kitchen tools help with daily activities. Others require daily assistance.

If your mom had Alzheimer’s, she cannot stay in her home alone forever. At some point, she’s going to deal with symptoms like delusions, sundowning, wandering, and panic attacks. When this happens, she needs someone with her. She’ll need someone to cook meals and assist her with the use of appliances like the washer and dryer.

Can She Drive?

Socialization is essential to an elderly person living alone. If your mom cannot drive, she needs frequent visitors. That’s not enough, however. She also needs to go out. Senior centers are a good way for your mom to get out and socialize. She can go to a luncheon, go on a group outing, or join a crafting club.

If she cannot drive, she will need transportation services. Home care providers offer that. In addition to driving her to social events, caregivers can also drive her to appointments and meetings.

Home care services keep seniors at home and independent as long as is possible. Before you consider moving your mom, talk to a home care service. There may be solutions that allow her to age at home without risking her health or safety.

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