Does Your Elderly Loved One Have Sundowner’s Syndrome?

Does your elderly loved one have sundowner’s syndrome? If so, it is important that they are receiving the best care to help manage the symptoms of their condition. There are home health care providers who are trained to deal with people who have sundowner’s syndrome. There are many ways that these providers are able to help your elderly loved one.

Home Care Rochester NY - Does Your Elderly Loved One Have Sundowner’s Syndrome?

Home Care Rochester NY – Does Your Elderly Loved One Have Sundowner’s Syndrome?

Recognizing Triggers

One of the first things that a home health care provider can do for your elderly loved one is to help recognize the triggers they have. There are likely to be certain things that cause your elderly loved one’s symptoms to increase such as anxiety, confusion, activity changes, increased shadows, and chaos in their environment.

Creating a Regular Routine

Home health care providers will also help to create a regular routine for your elderly loved one. They can create a routine that involves meals, when to wake up and go to bed, activities, appointments, and more. Creating a routine for someone who has this condition can help to reduce the confusion and anxiety they experience.

Diet Management

It might also be helpful to have your elderly loved one on a specific diet. There are certain foods that might be aggravating their condition. Determining which foods these might be and eliminating them from your elderly loved one’s diet could help to reduce the symptoms they have later in the day.

Reducing Stimulation

People who have sundowner’s syndrome shouldn’t have a lot of stimulation later in the day. Electronic devices should be eliminated later in the day and replaced with music that is calming. Visits from friends and loved ones should be scheduled for earlier in the day to reduce stimulation later in the day. Too much evening or nighttime stimulation can aggravate your loved one’s symptoms.

Lighting the Way

Many people have have this condition will have an exacerbation of symptoms when it gets dark. While there shouldn’t be many shadows, lighting the hallways and the rooms a bit can help to keep your elderly loved one feeling better. There are many types of nightlights that can be purchased that provide dim lighting.

These are some of the best ways that a home health care provider could help your elderly loved one if they have sundowner’s syndrome. While not everyone who has this condition will experience the same symptoms or the same severity of symptoms, a home health care provider can still help in numerous ways.


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