Two basic reasons exist for seniors remaining socially engaged throughout their elder years, reduce depression and increase physical activity. While 24-hour home care is helpful for many seniors, it is important to know that remaining isolated from others can lead to issues like depression and loneliness. In addition, there is the importance of physical activity that comes along with social interaction, thus continually improving the health of those same seniors.

Home Care Rochester NY - Benefits of Social Engagement for Seniors

Home Care Rochester NY – Benefits of Social Engagement for Seniors

Six Health Benefits of Social Engagement for Seniors

  • Social relationships help improve health.
  • Social activity may help with reduced risk of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancer.
  • Grandparents feel healthier and more active when caring for the kids, leading to a more active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Removing social isolation deters a risk factor for morbidity and mortality.
  • The removal of isolation helps with poor physical effects, such as elevated systolic blood pressure.
  • Loneliness is a risk factor for symptoms of depression; with home care, seniors are not alone or led to adverse effects on well-being in older adults.

Benefits of Home Care to Gain Social Engagement

Your senior loved ones likely want to maintain their independence by living alone, but things like loneliness and isolation can have further negative effects on their health. Whether it is 24-hour home care or a loved one who regularly provides home care to a senior loved one, there is a great benefit to be had from keeping seniors out of isolation.

As time passes and they are no longer able to drive as much, and they possibly start to suffer from the initial signs of memory loss or other health issues. There may come the fear of leaving home alone. At that point, minimal physical activity is maintained when alone, whether it is from the fear of going out into the world alone, getting lost, or admitting they are getting older. Home care for seniors could be much more interactive, even if it is only with one person at a time who cares for your senior loved one who lives alone.

Research on the Benefits of Social Engagement

  • A decrease in social activity leads to a more rapid decline in motor function.
  • A lack of physical activity can lead to a risk of disabilities.
  • Even with seniors facing depression, those who were highly active received improvements in symptoms.
  • The inclusion of light exercise with social activity was also shown to improve memory and sleep in seniors.


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