Activities of daily living are such an integral part of everyone’s life that you might not think about them until you have to. Your senior may have been able to do these activities on her own for her entire life, which can leave her feeling frustrated and upset now if she’s having trouble.

Home Care Rochester NY - Activities of Daily Living and How They Affect Your Senior

Home Care Rochester NY – Activities of Daily Living and How They Affect Your Senior

What Are Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living, also called ADLs, are activities that your senior engages in every day as a part of life. These can include activities like eating meals, getting dressed, and even walking around her home. Your elderly family member might have difficulty with some of these activities, either regularly or on an occasional basis. How well she’s doing with these ADLs at any given point can give you insight into how she’s doing.

ADLs Are Important

From the types of activities that make up the category of “daily living,” you can probably already tell that they’re extremely important. They’re the framework for your senior’s ability to function during her day. If she’s not able to handle these activities, then life is probably frustrating and difficult for your senior. Even if she only has trouble with some of these activities or once in a while, that can be just as impactful.

You Can Help

Open up a dialogue with your elderly family member about where she’s having trouble and how. You might also want to involve her doctor in these talks. There may be some ways for you to help your senior on an as-needed basis when she’s not as able to handle certain tasks. There may also be additional therapies, like physical therapy or occupational therapy, that help your senior to handle certain ADLs in a new way for her.

You May Also Need Help

But you may need some additional help, too. Home care providers can step in to offer additional assistance, especially when you’re not able to be there. They have training in assisting with ADLs that you might need more time to master yourself. Also, sometimes aging adults are more open to having help with activities of daily living from other people who are more removed from the situation.

Your senior may be uncomfortable as she loses the ability to handle some of these activities of daily living. She may experience a great many emotions around these changes and some of those emotions can be difficult for both of you to work through.

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