Home Care Tips: Winter Care for Your Parents' Dogs

Home Care in Webster, NY

Home Care in Webster NYA dog can play an important role in your senior care journey with your aging loved ones, offering a wide variety of benefits to their mental, emotional, cognitive, and physical health. Studies have shown that people who regularly care for and interact with pets experience lower blood pressure, stress relief, lower depression and anxiety, and better overall perspective of the world around them, meaning that just by enjoying some time with their furry friends your parents can experience better overall health and wellbeing. With as much as having pets can improve your seniors’ quality of life, you want to make sure that those pets receive the level of care and love that they need to stay healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy.

One of the most important elements of caring for your parents’ pets is making sure that you, your loved ones, and their home care provider keep the challenges and demands of the current weather in mind when planning your care for them. As the winter weather comes in full force you are likely going to extensive measures to make sure that your aging parents are kept warm, comfortable, safe, and healthy throughout the season, but it is essential that you do not forget to put this same level of attention into your care for those furry companions.

Use thse tips to help you ensure your parents’ dogs stay healthy and safe throughout the winter months:

• Watch what they eat. Dogs have voracious appetites and abundant curiosity no matter what season it is, and that can lead to trouble when the weather gets cold and a variety of new hazards show up. Chemicals such as de-icers and antifreeze can be lethal with just a small amount of exposure, and even seemingly harmless snacks such as a mouthful or two of suet put out for the birds can lead to major gastric distress and even more serious illness. Pay close attention to dogs whenever they are outside of the home, even when they are on a leash, and make sure that they do not eat anything that is not in their normal diet. If they do, watch them closely and monitor for behaviors such as listlessness, whimpering, or vomiting, and contact an emergency vet if they seem to be feeling ill.

• Keep them inside. Dogs should not be left outside all day or night at any time of the year, but especially not during the winter when plummeting temperatures and wet precipitation can cause hypothermia and even death within a very short time. Even a doghouse is not enough to keep pets safe outside during cold winter weather, so make sure that animals are kept inside except for bathroom breaks. If your parents cannot have their dogs inside and you cannot take them for the season, consider contacting an animal welfare organization in your area to arrange for fostering.

• Add some fat. Even pets kept inside will need some extra warmth and energy throughout the season. Help them out with extra calories from added fat in their diets. A spoonful or two of peanut butter during the day, a drizzle of melted fat over their dry food, or a few pieces of meat at each meal can make a tremendous difference in their ability to remain strong and healthy throughout the season.

• Keep them comfortable. Just like you add on the blankets when sleeping during the winter months, it is important to give your parents’ pets the same comfy sleeping space. Give them an extra blanket or two to sleep on, or invest in a thick bed that will lift them up off of the floor to keep them warmer and more comfortable all night. Do not overdo it, however. Dogs can overheat, so if they sleep near a heating vent or in a small room, make sure that they can easily push aside any extra bedding to regulate their temperature throughout the night.


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