Home Care Focus: Helping Your Parents Keep Their Home Tidy

Home Care in Fairport, NY – Maintaining a Clean Home Improves Safety and Overall Well-Being

When it comes to giving your aging parents a high quality of life, a team mentality is often key. Handling all of the tasks of taking care of elderly adults is a tremendous responsibility for an adult child to take on, particularly if you do not live close to your parents or have other responsibilities that make it impossible for you to be with them as often as you would like. Hiring a home care provider allows you to share the care tasks with an in home health care services provider so you can focus on the things you need to do without having to worry that your parents are not receiving the level of care and attention they deserve.

While home care providers offer many services to keep your parents happy, healthy, and living the highest quality of life possible, one of the most beneficial for many seniors is keeping the home tidy and comfortable.

For many seniors, even those who were always meticulous about their housekeeping, find keeping up with regular chores more challenging as they get older. Physical and mobility issues make it harder to do the things they used to, and cognitive difficulties may make it so they do not always remember to do what needs to be done around the home. This can leave their house cluttered, messy, and uncomfortable for everyone. Their home care provider, however, can help prevent this from happening.

If you notice that your parents’ home is not as neat as it once was or that basic tidying chores are not being handled regularly, do not hesitate to get in touch with a home care agency who can provide a compassionate care provider to help take care of your parents and their home. Some of the tasks a home health care services provider may perform include:

• Simple tidying and removing clutter from around the home. Whether it is unopened junk mail and newspapers, tissues, or magazines, clutter builds up quickly and can make a home feel cramped and out of control. Your care provider can help remove this clutter and keep it from building up again

• Laundry. Fresh laundry is a must for keeping your parents feeling healthy and happy, but they might not have the energy or mobility to do their laundry regularly. The care provider can keep them fresh and comfortable by handling light laundry responsibilities such as linens, towels, and small clothing loads. This is extremely helpful for keeping the home clean in between your main laundry days

• Dishes. Unwashed dishes are unpleasant in any home. The care provider will make sure your aging parents’ dishes are washed after their meals and snacks so their kitchen is clean, fresh, and healthy. Make sure all of the necessary materials, including dish liquid, sponges, gloves, or dishwasher pods, are kept close at hand to make this a fast and stress-free task

• Basic cleaning. While home care providers are not maids who do deep cleanings, they will help maintain the home with simple cleaning such as vacuuming carpets, sweeping, wiping counters, and bringing out the trash.

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