Family Caregivers: Learning to Overcome Stress and Maximize Happiness

Caregivers in Canandaigua, NY

Caregivers in Canandaigua, NYThere are an estimated 44.4 million Americans providing some type of assistance to their aging or disabled loved ones. These “family caregivers” often run into very similar problems from one another. The most significant is stress and anxiety. They also often underestimate just how much work it is to take care of a senior.

That’s one of the reasons why professional home care providers are so valuable in helping seniors “age in place,” which essentially refers to remaining within the comfort of one’s home, even when faced with various health and physical limitations or challenges.

There are numerous aspects of life that family caregivers end up sacrificing, including relationships, eating healthy, and getting exercise. Compare a busy professional who is also a family caregiver with a professional in-home care provider and you may see a significant difference between the two, especially with regard to health and well-being.

How do these professional home care providers keep their physical and emotional health in top shape?

June is Professional Wellness Month and below are a few tips that may help the average family caregiver taking care of somebody they know.

1. Understand your own limitations. Not everyone has the time, energy, or resources to actually be able to take care of another individual. If the family caregiver is working a full-time job, holding down several part-time jobs, raising children, or has other responsibilities, adding that extra assignment of taking care of an aging parent, for example, can push their health to the breaking point.

When a person understands his or her limitations, it can highlight how beneficial relying on professional in-home care providers can be.

2. Making time for healthy meals. Even though it may seem that there is not enough time in the day for sitting down with a healthy meal, there’s really no excuse. Grabbing fast food on a daily basis is only going to lead to health problems down the road.

3. A minimum of 15 minutes of exercise every day is essential. Most doctors recommend that people of all ages get at least 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every single day. Any caregiver, family member or otherwise, who doesn’t have time for that needs to reevaluate the situation. They may have time for an hour-long reality show or television drama in the evening, so they should have time to get some exercise.

Calling on the assistance of professional home care aides is one of the best ways that family members can ensure they take care of themselves and that their elderly or disabled loved ones are also being cared for properly.

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