Family Caregivers: Are You Suffering from Stress or Possibly Hypertension?

Caregivers in Webster, NY

Caregivers in Webster NYIt was late in the evening when you were heading home. You just stopped by to check on your elderly mother who is living alone ever since your father passed away. During those first months after your father passed, your mother had a very difficult time adjusting to it. They had been married for 62 years and although that was a significant milestone, it only tells a small portion of her story.

As she’s been alone, you might’ve been concerned about her safety and well-being. So you started stopping by every so often to check on her and see if she needed any help doing things around the house. She appreciated your concern and care, and at first she was telling you that you didn’t have to do this, but as the months rolled on, it became clear that she needed more and more assistance on a regular basis. In essence, you became her caregiver.

The more you helped her out, the more assistance she seemed to need. This began to take a toll on your life. You might have started going into work a little later each day, leaving a little earlier, and maybe even taking calls from her during the busiest times of your afternoons. You might have given up spending time with friends, various hobbies and activities that are important to you, and maybe your own marriage has been put under increased strain as a result of this work as a caregiver.

So that one evening when you’re heading home, you feel the tightness in your chest, have difficulty breathing, and think it could be a heart attack. It very well could be and you should always seek medical attention anytime you feel these symptoms arise. However, it could be related to the stress you’re feeling as a family caregiver.

Caregiver stress is real and it affects millions of people across the United States every single year. Most people underestimate just how much of an impact caring for an elderly loved one can have on their life. It could also be hypertension that is causing some of the symptoms. It’s absolutely essential that you see a medical professional as soon as possible, perhaps stopping by the emergency room on your way home instead of just going home, to be diagnosed.

World Hypertension Day is May 17th and having extremely high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other serious health issues. Never take those symptoms lightly. Talk to your doctor about your concerns, and then consider speaking to your elderly loved one about hiring a professional caregiver to help out. It can be lifesaving for both of you.

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