What Are the Best Ways to Talk to Your Elderly Loved One about No Longer Driving?

Elderly Care Webster NY

Elderly Care Webster NYOnce you realize that it’s time for your elderly loved one to start driving you have to have “the conversation” with her. Some elderly loved ones don’t appreciate this conversation at all.

Focus on Your Elderly Loved One’s Well-being

Always emphasize and focus on the fact that you’re talking about your elderly loved one’s driving because you care about her well-being. Focusing on that fact makes the conversation less about taking away her independence or controlling her life for her. Let your elderly loved one know this is about the fact that you love her.

Give Specific Examples

Sweeping generalized statements aren’t going to win this discussion for you. You’ll have to use very specific examples of why, when, and how your loved one’s driving concerns you and other people who care about her. Examples of how she drives or tickets that she has gotten will go much farther toward gaining agreement than just telling her that she’s past the time she should be driving.

Make a List of Advantages to Not Driving

With everything that seems like a negative, there are positives that go along with it. Such is the case with your loved one hanging up her car keys. Try making a list of those advantages before your conversation. For example, your loved one no longer has to buy gas, pay for insurance, or pay for the upkeep on her car. List as many examples as you can think of.

Have Solutions in Hand

Another list to make before you meet with your elderly loved one is of solutions to her new transportation problem. Some areas have public transit offered specifically for senior citizens. You may be able to drive her wherever she needs to go or have other family members who can. Another option is to hire a car service or to contract with home care providers who can drive your loved one to her errands and appointments. The possibilities are probably greater than you realize.

Follow Through on Making the Change Seamless for Your Elderly Loved One

Once your elderly loved one comes around to your way of thinking, it’s absolutely imperative that you follow through on whatever you can do to make this as easy for her as possible. There will be hiccups at first, but it’s your responsibility as her family caregiver to make those as small and as few as possible.
If the conversation with your loved one gets heated, table it for another time.

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