Elderly Care Tips: Stocking the Freezer to Prepare for Fall

Elderly Care in Fairport, NY

Elderly-Care-in-Fairport-NYFall is finally here, and while that means a break from the oppressive temperatures, high humidity, and intense sunlight of the summer season, it also means busier schedules, cooler temperatures, and that cozy feeling of wanting to cuddle up and nest in your home with your loved ones. This can be a wonderful time to reconnect with your loved ones and make memories at home rather than on the road like you may have during summer vacation. Taking time out of your schedule to make a delicious and nutritious home cooked dinner, however, can be overwhelming when you are also facing the stress of keeping up with all of your aging loved ones’ elderly care needs, your children’s school and after school activities, and everything you also have to do with your home, career, and marriage. Stocking up your freezer can prepare you for those days when you do not have the time to make a meal from scratch so you can still give your loved ones the type of meal you want them to eat and not resort to a run through the drive-thru or picking up a delivery menu and calling for pizza.

Use these tips to help you stock up your parents’ freezer so you and their elderly health care services provider can give them the best meals possible even when there is a shortage of time or energy:

• Dedicate a day to cooking. Put one day aside and spend the entire day preparing meals to put in the freezer. Plan ahead of time so you can maximize your time in terms of preparation, cooking, packaging, cooling, and freezing, and consider preparing enough that you can slip a few meals into your own freezer as well to give your children and husband and particularly busy days.

• Multitask. If spending an entire day cooking is just not an option for you, multitask when you are already cooking. Instead of preparing one casserole or tray of lasagna, prepare two. Do all of the preparation for both at the same time, bake one to serve for that night’s dinner, and then bake the other while you are eating dinner. By the time you finish and are done with the dishes, that one will be cooked, cooled, and ready for the freezer.

• Portion control. Make warming up meals easier by dishing out individual portions for the freezer rather than freezing the entire dish together. This makes heating up a meal for your parents, or even one of your parents, faster, and preserves the rest of the food from the diminished quality that can happen by thawing, heating, freezing, thawing, and heating again.

• Label. Make sure you label each package with what type of food it is and reheating instructions. This makes it easy to choose a meal and ensures proper preparation for the greatest enjoyment whether you are reheating the meal of your aging loved ones’ elderly health care services provider is taking care of it.

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