Elderly Care in Rochester NY: Understanding Activities of Daily Living

When you are considering elder care services for your loved one who still lives at home, you may want to get an assessment done elderly care rochester nywhich would give a clear idea of what your loved one is capable of doing and what they need some assistance with. This assessment is especially important if you live a great distance away from your loved one and can’t see first-hand how she is doing.

A phone interview with your aging mom won’t tell you everything. She will probably be reluctant to admit she can no longer keep her house clean like she used to, or that sometimes she’s too tired to cook so she doesn’t eat or she eats unhealthy snack food.

The assessment will include something called “activities of daily living (ADL)”. An exact list of what is included in ADL may vary from agency to agency and from state to state.

Here is a general list of activities that one must do daily:

  • Maintain health
  • Maintain well-being
  • Preparing food and eating
  • Getting dressed
  • Bathe or shower
  • Grooming and toiletry
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Managing bowel and bladder functions
  • Mobility
  • Care of devices such as blood sugar level testing
  • Rest and adequate sleep

There are other activities that are related to the elderly person’s ability to be involved with the outside world or social environment, such as interacting with the community, going shopping, house clean-up, etc.

A professional would be able to test your mom’s ability to do all of these things on her own without assistance, and pinpoint the ones that she needs assistance with.

Your mom wouldn’t necessarily have to leave the comfort of her home. She could get a caregiver coming in daily to help her with the things she can’t do. She would still enjoy a sense of independence in living at home and in doing the things she can still accomplish.

The balance of caregiver help and elder independence is decided in each individual case. Your mom could continue living in her familiar neighborhood where her friends are located. This is important for seniors who no longer have a spouse at home and live on their own. Too often they just shut themselves up in their home and become very isolated.

A caregiver can provide companionship to your mom, transportation to get out and go shopping, go to a movie, attend a cultural event or just go out and go for a walk.

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