Summertime Tips for Managing Diabetes

Elderly Care in Pittsford NY

Elderly Care in Pittsford NYThe summer months are a fantastic time for fun, excitement, and enjoying time together. If your elderly loved one is dealing with a medical condition such as diabetes, however, it is important to keep this condition in mind when planning your summertime adventures, or encouraging them to have fun on their own during the summer months. Fortunately there are many ways during the summer that you can help your parent to manage their diabetes or that they can keep this condition under control with the help of an elderly care provider. Controlling their diabetes during the summer months helps your parent to stay healthier and stronger so that they can really enjoy all of the fun and opportunity that these months have to offer.

Try some of these tips for managing your parent’s diabetes during the summer months:

  • Get active. A high activity level is one of the best things that your parent can do to manage their diabetes. The summer months are ideal for being active and getting out of the house for fun adventures. Whether they are with you or on their own, the assistance of an elderly home care services provider can be invaluable for encouraging your parent to be more active and for providing assistance and support during these activities to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met and that they stay healthy and safe throughout the experience. Plan for summertime activities that are different from what your parent might do throughout the year. Activities such as trips to the beach, hikes, and swimming will be more motivating because they are different and more interesting than their usual routine.
  • Indulge their sweet tooth carefully. Everyone loves a good cool sweet treat when the summer temperatures are blazing. For a senior who is dealing with diabetes, however, indulging this craving with ice cream or traditional freezer pops and frozen novelties can wreak havoc on their blood sugar and their health. This does not mean, however, that your loved one cannot enjoy some sweet treats. Look for summery ways to beat the heat and soothe the craving for sweetness at the same time. A slice of watermelon, fresh strawberries, and lemonade sweetened with natural calorie-free sweetener are all great choices. You can even help your parent create their own frozen treats using fruit juice and yogurt for a treat that cools them down while also giving them the nutrition that their body needs.
  • Manage blood pressure. Having high blood pressure increases the risk that your parent will develop diabetes, and makes managing this condition more difficult. The summer months can make managing high blood pressure more challenging for your aging parent. High temperatures in particular can bump up blood pressure and put your parent at higher risk. Make sure that you take steps to protect your parent from high summertime temperatures by ensuring that their home air conditioning system is working efficiently and effectively ad that you know where cooling stations are throughout the area so that if there is an emergency your parent can still stay cool and safe.

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