Elderly Care in Pitsford, NY: Coping With Dementia Gracefully

There is no arguing that mental and physical changes occur when a person ages. This can be a trying time due to the additional elder care that is required. The sandwich generation is the group of adult children of the aging parents, who also have families at home to take care of.

Raising and caring for children at the same time as comforting and caring for elderly parents is not an easy task, and when your parent is also suffering from dementia, it adds an entire new dimension to the meaning of elderly care.

Elderly Care in Pitsford, NYElder care tip #1) Understanding dementia

Dementia may come on so gradually that it might not be recognized right away as the cause of the memory loss. There are other signs that may help to add up to the right conclusion – does your parent get confused about things that are common and everyday occurrences? Are they getting frustrated over things that were never a problem before?

Try using comforting, calm and peaceful surroundings when your elderly parent is feeling very frustrated. It helps to keep them as calm as possible. Concentrate on their needs and keeping them comfortable.

Elder care tip #2) Try to understand how they must feel

It’s not easy to view the world from the perspective of the person with dementia. But it certainly must be confusing and frightening. It’s no wonder these feelings come out in aberrant behaviors. It would be a scary place to be to realize that your memories are fading and that you can’t remember things from one minute to another. Your elderly loved one is already struggling with this turmoil; try to exercise as much patience and compassion as you can.

Elder care tip #3) Learn more about dementia

Educate yourself so you know what to expect as this disease progresses. Learn what expectations you will have to let go of as your parent’s cognition declines. Sometimes the elderly loved one mag become combative. Be prepared for what you will do in that situation. Knowing what lies ahead and how you will handle it will give you an increased feeling of confidence in being able to provide elder care for your aging family member.

Elder care tip #4) Know when you need to seek help

You can’t travel this road alone. You need help and support from other family members and you may also want to consider hiring an elder care provider for your loved one. These caregivers are trained and experienced in knowing how to deal effectively with elderly people who are struggling with dementia. Your beloved family member gets the expert help they need every day and you have peace of mind knowing they are being well taken care of.

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