What to Do When Caregiving Feels Like Too Much

Elderly Care in Henrietta NY

Elderly Care in Henrietta NY

Every once in a while you might find yourself feeling that dealing with everything that you deal with for your elderly loved one is just suddenly too much. This feeling of overwhelm is not unusual at all for family caregivers, so it’s important to know how to deal with it when the situation crops up for you.

Share Your Feelings

Many people who care for an elderly loved one think that they shouldn’t have certain feelings or that they’re a bad person for occasionally feeling frustrated with their loved one. The truth is that all of these feelings are normal and should never be pushed aside or ignored as if they don’t exist. It’s essential that you find someone with whom you can talk honestly about your feelings, whether that is another family member, a friend, or even a counselor. Being able to express these feelings can help you to work through them and to set them behind you so that you can focus on caring for your elderly loved one properly.

Don’t Put Off Finding a Solution

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need a solution right away. Putting off finding one is only going to make the situation worse. Talk to your loved one’s doctor, hire elderly care providers, or find a support group that can help you to deal with the problems you’re facing. The sooner you can find a solution or combination of solutions that works for you, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Ask for Help and Accept It

One solution that family caregivers overlook all too often is to ask other family members or loved ones for help. They often feel that if those loved ones wanted to help, they would offer. The reality is usually that those family members may not know what to offer in the way of help and tend to feel that if the caregiver needed help, she would ask for it. This becomes a vicious cycle in which people aren’t sure whether to ask for or to offer help.

Caregiving is extremely emotional, and it can become overwhelming very quickly. Tackle the situation head on in order to reduce the risk of burning out.

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