What Kinds of Problems Related to Dressing Might Your Elderly Loved One Encounter if She Has Dementia?

Elderly Care Greece NY

Elderly Care Greece NYGetting dressed can become extremely difficult for your elderly loved one if she develops dementia. Here are some of the common problems and some ideas for managing them.

Wearing Clothes that Aren’t Appropriate for the Situation or the Season

You might find that your loved one goes to get dressed, but comes out in a sundress when it’s winter. Or she wants to wear her swimsuit when you’re about to head to church. These types of misfires can become much more common as your loved one goes through the stages of dementia.

Putting Clothing on Inside out or in the Wrong Order

Your loved one’s ability to perform an activity in a logical order suffers due to dementia. As a result, she’s more likely to put her clothing in an odd manner. Her underwear might end up outside her clothing, for example, or your loved one’s clothes might be inside out. You can help by handing your loved one her clothing in the right order or even by simply laying her clothing out in the proper order.

Sticking to One Outfit Only

Quite often loved ones who have dementia can fixate on clothing that they really enjoy wearing. As a result, your loved one may decide that she only wants to wear one particular set of clothes. This can present a huge problem when it comes to hygiene, of course. One solution is to purchase multiples of favorite clothing so that you can switch them out more often.

Forgetting How to Work Complicated Clothing

If your loved one wears clothing that has zippers, buttons, or other complicated closures, they can become far more complicated to operate. When that happens, your loved one may need lots of extra help. Another solution is to start buying clothing for your loved one that slips on and has elasticized bands. These can be far easier for her to manage on her own, particularly in the bathroom.

Becoming Overwhelmed by Too Many Choices

Having too many choices can overwhelm anyone, but that situation can cause your loved one to shut down if she has dementia. It’s far too overwhelming for her to cope with alone. One way around this is to offer your loved one a choice of two different outfits for the day. This limits her choices, but still offers her a choice.

Work with your loved one’s elderly care providers to find solutions for the problems your loved one develops around clothing.

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