How Can You Protect Your Elderly Mom From Scammers on Facebook?

A number of seniors have become victims of scammers through Facebook, a social media site. In these scams, the scammer sends a message to the senior acting as though they have friends in common. After spending a few months taking and building a relationship, the scammer asks to borrow money. As the elderly victim believes he or she has fallen in love, there’s no hesitation. Money is loaned, and the scammer disappears.

Elderly Care Fairport NY - How Can You Protect Your Elderly Mom From Scammers on Facebook?

Elderly Care Fairport NY – How Can You Protect Your Elderly Mom From Scammers on Facebook?

Facebook is a Useful Way to Keep in Touch

According to Pew Research, 62 percent of men and woman over the age of 64 use Facebook. It’s a handy way for your mom to see photos and news from her family members and friends. It’s also helpful at catching the latest store discounts and menus at favorite restaurants.

While a Facebook account is easy to set up, it’s often harder to figure out privacy settings. This is where you come in. If your mom is on Facebook, you must look at her privacy settings. Go through the privacy settings one by one and make sure that they’re set so that only her friends can see her posts, her contact information, and her friends’ list.

Your Mom Must Be Wary of Requests

It’s also important for your mom to be very cautious giving out information. Hackers can create fake accounts or hack into existing accounts. If this happens, your mom may think she’s talking to someone she knows, but she’s really not.

Set a few ground rules. Make sure she knows it’s never a good idea to give anyone her banking information. If someone she knows really needs money, they should come to her door and ask her personally. Even if she knows the person, she should know to run it by you for a second opinion. Make sure she doesn’t accept friend requests from strangers. Also, make sure she knows to not give out her date of birth or address.

What Happens if It’s Too Late

If your mom has fallen for a scam on Facebook, contact your local authorities. You’ll also need to contact any banks with accounts she’s given out and ask for a fraud alert to be placed immediately. A new bank account number and new debit and credit cards may need to be issued.

Many times, the elderly fall for scams because they’re lonely. Avoid this by hiring an elderly care professional to be a companion to your mom. Elderly care professionals can help her with meals, take her shopping, and join her for leisure activities. It’s a good way to keep her from feeling bored and talking to strangers online.

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