Tips for Your Elderly Parent Talking to Their Pharmacist during American Pharmacists Month

Elderly Care Brighton NY

Elderly Care Brighton NY

As a family caregiver when you think of your elderly parent’s care team you are likely to think about people such as their primary care physician, any specialists that they see, and members of their medical teams such as nurses and technicians. Someone you might not think about immediately is a pharmacist. This professional, however, can be a valuable source of information and guidance in helping your parent achieve and maintain their best health.

October is American Pharmacists Month. This is the ideal time for you to get familiar with the best ways that you can integrate your pharmacist into your parent’s care team and help them to make the most out of every health decision that they make for themselves.

Use these tips to help your parent talk to their pharmacist during American Pharmacists Month and throughout the rest of the year:

• Give them all of the information. Especially if your parent has not interacted with this pharmacist before, encourage them to give them all of the information that they might need to help them properly. This includes all of the prescription medications that they take as well as over-the-counter drugs that they use regularly, any allergies to medications that they might have, and any side effects that they might be experiencing.

• Get the details. When your parent goes to fill their prescription, encourage them to ask the pharmacist any details that they should know about how to use that medication properly. This can include foods that they should avoid, drug interactions that might occur, and side effects to watch out for and how to handle them.

• Ask questions. While asking the doctor who prescribed the medication questions about the medication and how to use it properly is an important step in medication safety and effectiveness, your parent can also rely on the pharmacist to answer important questions if they have more or if they simply did not get enough information from the doctor. This can include what the medication is supposed to do, when and how to take it, when they should stop taking it, if there are refills, and other related information.

If your aging parent is coping with health conditions that require extra attention or you simply feel that they would benefit from some additional care and support, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elderly care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be a fantastic ally for you in helping your parent to deal with their personal challenges, limitations, and needs in a way that works for them. This means taking into consideration their personality, individuality, thoughts, beliefs, and personal goals to ensure that their care routine is supportive, respectful, dignified, and effective. When it comes to managing health issues, whether it is a bout with the common cold or a chronic issue such as congestive heart failure, the care provider can help your parent to understand the guidelines and instructions set forth by their doctor and then offer reminders and guidance to ensure that they meet and comply with those guidelines and instructions so that they can make the most benefit out of the care that they receive.

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