Elderly Care and Lawn Clean Up in Rochester, NY

Elderly Care in Rochester, NYSpring is right around corner and that means that it’s about time for any homeowner that has property to think about cleaning up the lawn. For many elderly individuals, they hire a professional lawn crew to clean up the winter debris, including sticks, dirt and salt from the roads, and more. For others, lawn clean up is an important part of their routine.

If you are providing elderly care for someone who enjoys working in the yard when the weather turns nice, then it’s a good idea to think about lawn clean up now, before the need is upon you.

The first thing to consider is the size of the yard and what would need to be done. Perhaps you’re just starting out with elder care services and you don’t really know much about the yard. Perhaps the snow is refusing to relinquish its command over the outside world and you can’t get a fair estimate of the work that would be involved.

No matter what size the property is, you can expect to see tree limbs and sticks, some leaves (more if they weren’t cleaned up in the fall) and potentially some damage from road crews, such as plows. All of this could be quite challenging for an elderly individual to tackle.

So break the tasks down into smaller, more manageable increments. Sure, the individual might be anxious to get outside and get working, but make sure that he or she dresses for the weather. If it’s cold out, then they should wear a hat, gloves, and protect their body from exposure. Improper clothing could lead to pneumonia and other health problems.

Start with small areas of the property. This could be the front lawn, or the side of the house. When you begin with small areas, it will feel as though the individual is accomplishing more, which can have a positive impact on their emotional state of mind.

Begin with simple tasks, such as collecting small sticks. These can be placed in a pile for removal at a later time. If the elderly individual can’t carry larger items, you can volunteer to assist, or call in a professional (or family members of the elderly individual) to assist.

Actually, calling on family members can be a great way to bring them together. They could have fun with lawn clean ups with their elderly loved one. Elderly care means that the individual requires some extra help from time to time. It doesn’t mean that they stop living. Lawn clean up is a great way to get out and enjoy the warming weather of spring.

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