Elder Care Topics Should Include Healthcare Decisions

Elder Care in Henrietta, NY – April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day

Senior citizens couple watching a photo album with their daughteAlthough it may seem like one of those topics on everyone’s “To Do” list that never gets done, talking about health care decisions is something that should be taken care of sooner than later. Whether it’s a new family with young children or an older person who just hasn’t had time to do it, there really is no time like the present. April 16th is just around the corner and serves as National Healthcare Decisions Day, so what better day than to make it a point to take care of these issues?

Some people don’t like to talk about the “what if’s,” but it really is important for a couple of reasons. If a person has what’s called an Advance Directive, everyone involved in that person’s health care will know exactly what the person would want if they were, for some reason, unable to express it at a crucial time. An Advance Directive can include simple things like who a person would want to make decisions for them if they weren’t able to, to more difficult things like how a person would feel about being on life support and for how long. Not only does having an Advance Directive in place ensure a person gets the care they would want, but it takes away what can be difficult decisions for family members. This can help to ease their minds during what can be a difficult time to begin with.

Although many people don’t think too much about this until they are older, it can affect everyone. Any adult can benefit from letting family members know their wishes, but to make it legal, it needs to be written down. The whole purpose of National Healthcare Decisions Day is to encourage people to talk about it and make sure they have what they need in place. It’s not meant to be a depressing topic but one that puts everyone’s mind at ease.

Some people have difficulty communicating these topics with family members, so it may be easier for them to talk with a health care professional or even an elder care professional. Many people who have elderly home care develop a great relationship with their provider, so this can be the perfect person to talk with, although if they need legal advice they should seek legal counsel. The important thing is that health care decisions get talked about. Although no one can tell someone what they should choose to do if something were to happen, it’s important for everyone to know that their wishes will be followed if need be.

Each state has its own laws regarding how an Advance Directive should be completed. Many hospitals and doctors have forms that can be filled out and then notarized or have a space for two adult witnesses to verify the signature. The important thing is to make sure the proper procedure is followed when filling them out to make sure they are legally binding in the state where the person lives. When a person has an Advance Directive, there can be peace of mind for both them and their family and will let everyone from family members to elder care givers to hospital staff know exactly what they would like done.

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