Elder Care Services in Greece, NY for the Winter Months- Keep Aging Parents Safe and Happy

Winter temperatures can be extremely rough on anyone, especially our aging parents.  Harsh weather conditions can cause a number of physical and mental issues for our parents.  Elder care services are a great remedy for helping to aid with the safety and happiness of our elderly loved ones.

Hypothermia is a condition that anyone is prone too, especially seniors.  The cause of hypothermia is prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures.  It is a very serious condition, so it is important to notice warning signs early.  Often, seniors will wander outside unaware of cold weather warnings, and will attempt to put their trash on the curb, in addition to other outside duties.  A companion can prevent your senior from going outside by warning them about the weather and taking care of these tasks for Elder Care Services in Greece, NYthem.

In the event of a power outage or extreme weather conditions, it would be reassuring to know that a companion is there for your aging parent.  Imagine receiving the news of a power outage around the area of your parents’ home, and you are unable to get in touch with them.  With elder care services, you can send someone to check in on your parents in the event you are unable to.  In some cases, they will contact you before you know there is an issue in the area.

Elder care companions can also supply companionship.  Our days are often filled with the business of life; sometimes leaving our loved ones feeling neglected or forgotten about.  A companion is perfect for being someone to talk to, share lunch with, and rely on.  The “winter blues” can easily affect dad and make him want to isolate himself from everyone and everything; an elder care companion can help prevent this from happening.

Elder care services are a great way to give you extra “eyes and ears” when providing safety for your parents.  For example, if you parents are still driving and the elder care service workers notice your parents are having trouble, or probably should not be driving anymore, they can warn you of the problem and take action to keep your loved one safe.  Not only that, they can also begin to provide transportation services in order to prevent your loved one from driving until you can pick up their car.


If your parents have a medical issue, senior care services can also prevent an escalation by calling in a doctor to treat your parents and alerting you to the incident.  They provide an excellent ambassador for your parents when you may not be available.  Working as a team, you and a companion can help to keep your parents happy and safe this winter.

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