What’s in Your Elder Parent’s First Aid Kit?

Perhaps when you were a child you were in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. If you were, chances are you learned some basic first aid and maybe even prepared a first aid kit on your way to earning a badge. Sadly, many adults aren’t nearly as well prepared for an emergency at home. One study showed that 44 percent of Americans don’t even own a first aid kit. Is one of those people your elder parent? If your parent does have a first aid kit, have you checked to see if supplies are outdated or if the kit is complete?

Elder Care Rochester NY - What’s in Your Elder Parent’s First Aid Kit?

Elder Care Rochester NY – What’s in Your Elder Parent’s First Aid Kit?

First aid kits for the home are important since it’s likely that your elder parent or someone else in the home will sustain some sort of injury and first aid will be needed. The first aid kit should be easily recognizable and placed in a visible area of the home so that elder care providers, family caregivers, and your parent can find it in the case of an emergency. Home first aid kits should focus on supplies for treating cuts, insect stings, scrapes, burns, splinters, sprains, and strains. While first aid kits can be purchased in stores or online, it’s easy to make one up for your parent—and it may be cheaper, too!

Here are some essentials for your parent’s first aid kit:

A Sturdy Case
First, you’re going to need a sturdy case that won’t break or fall open if it gets dropped. The case should be something that will be easily visible and recognizable as a first aid kit so that elder care providers and family caregivers can find it quickly in an emergency.

Gloves will reduce the risk of infection for both the person receiving treatment and the person providing treatment. It’s a good idea to get non-latex gloves as some people are allergic or sensitive to latex.

Adhesive Tape, Scissors, and Gauze Pads
Gauze pads can be used to clean or bandage wounds that are too large for a regular Band-Aid. The adhesive tape will be necessary for holding the gauze in place. The scissors may be needed to cut the tape or adjust the size of the gauze pads.

Have multiple sizes of Band-Aids available for covering small cuts and scrapes.

Include topical antibiotic creams for wounds, hydrocortisone creams for rashes, and aloe vera gel or cream for burns.

Tweezers are useful for removing splinters, stingers, or debris from scrapes.

Sterile Eye Wash
Sterile eye wash is used to flush foreign objects or substances from the eyes.

Emergency Contact Information
The first aid kit is just one more place that you should have a list of emergency contact numbers, including numbers for the fire department and a family member to call on for help. It’s a good idea to even put a reminder to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency since people sometimes do not think clearly in an emergency situation.

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