Adopting a dog during Adopt a Dog Month in October could be a fantastic way for your aging parent to enjoy a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being benefits. Adopting a dog is also a wonderful way to show compassion, and give another living being a second chance, which can be meaningful for your parent.

Elder Care Rochester NY - What Type of Dog Should Your Senior Adopt?

Elder Care Rochester NY – What Type of Dog Should Your Senior Adopt?

In order for your senior to get maximum benefit from owning a dog, and reduce the risk of problems that could threaten their ability to enjoy it dog ownership, they must be sure to adopt the right type of dog. Planning ahead of time, and preparing both your senior and their home for dog ownership is an important step to give them the most benefit.

Some things to consider when determining what type of dog should adopt include:

  • How much space does your parent have? Do they live in a home with a large fenced-in yard, or a small apartment? It is important to make sure the dog will have enough space to feel comfortable, and that the dog is not one with too much energy for the space.
  • How does your parent feel about a dog being in the house with them all the time? Would they expect the dog to be outside for much of its time? Dogs should not be expected to live outside, or to spend most of their time outside. If your parent does not feel comfortable with the idea of a dog in their house, they should consider an alternative for getting the benefits of pet ownership.
  • What is their goal for owning a dog? Do they want a pet to go for long walks with them and play in the yard? Or would they prefer a lazy couch potato dog to hang out with them and watch TV or read?
  • Can your parent handle the energy of a young dog, or would they be better suited to a senior more like themselves?
  • Would your parent be able to handle the mental and memory requirements of training and caring for a puppy or young dog, or would it be better for them to have an older dog that is established in their ways and already trained?
  • Does your senior have allergies that might determine what type of coat is appropriate?
  • Would a larger dog make your parent feel more safe in their home alone?

Elder care does not just benefit those seniors who are of a very advanced stage, or who suffer a wide variety of serious health challenges and complications. In fact, even those elders who are still largely independent and who only have mild or moderate challenges can get a tremendous amount of benefit from the customized care of an elder home care services provider.

These seniors can enjoy being more active with safe and reliable transportation, more independent and autonomous by running their own errands and managing activities of daily living, get more stimulation and emotional support through companionship and participation in activities and opportunities, and save energy for things they enjoy more with assistance from their elder care provider. As their family caregiver, this can help you to feel more at ease about your senior’s quality of life now, and into the future.


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