Elder care can help many families avoid stress and uncertainty, yet some don’t really understand what it really encompasses. Your aging parents may seem great on their own. They’re still driving, buy groceries each week, and keep up with lawn care.

Elder Care Rochester NY - What Can You Expect Elder Care to Help Your Parents With?

Elder Care Rochester NY – What Can You Expect Elder Care to Help Your Parents With?

Take a closer look and you might find things that seem off. Your dad struggles to get up from the sofa. He has to stand still for a few seconds before taking a step. Your mom’s prescription medications haven’t been filled recently, but the bottle is still empty. Worse, she’s taking multiple doses per day because she can’t remember taking them when she got up and takes them again.

Those are just a few situations where elder care has helped hundreds of elderly men and women live at home in a safe environment.

Here are many of the ways professional caregivers can help.

Household Management

When a senior struggles to cook a meal, go grocery shopping, or even pick up a fork or spoon, eating habits can change. You may notice your parents eat foods that are already prepared or order takeout every night.

Caregivers can cook meals, help plan menus, shop for ingredients, and feed seniors when needed. Other aspects of household management like laundry, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, and sorting mail are possibilities.

Medication Reminders

If a senior forgets to take medications, it can impact overall health. The same is true if a senior takes too much. Changing vision may make the instructions hard to read. Forgetfulness may lead to a senior taking extra doses. With some medications, this can lead to an overdose. As part of an elder care plan, you can have caregivers offer medication reminders to ensure your parents take medications as instructed.

Personal Care and Grooming

After a stroke, your dad struggles with incontinence. He needs to be taken into the bathroom throughout the day. If he has an accident, he needs to be washed and changed into fresh undergarments and pants. You’re not trained to help with that, and it can be uncomfortable for all. Caregivers are trained and can help with this aspect of your dad’s care.

Taking a shower can be hard if a parent breaks a leg, hip, or ankle. If balance is an issue, stepping over a bathtub wall can seem impossible. Caregivers can also help with shaving, getting dressed, and oral care. All of those specific services can mean the world to a family as a parent’s abilities change.

Transportation Services

If a senior citizen is told to stop driving, it can be alarming. Some see the loss of a driver’s license as a loss of independence and freedom. With caregivers doing the driving, your parent doesn’t have to give up friends, afternoons out, or trips to local businesses.

Respite Care

Respite care is one other popular elder care service. You get a break while a caregiver stays with your mom or dad. Call our agency to learn more.

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