Summer Safety – Keeping Hornets and Wasps Away From Your Mom

As spring arrives, hornets and wasps start looking for places to built nests. They will build them under roof eaves, trellises, trees, deck stairs, and any other structure that’s raised off the ground and sheltered from rain.

Elder Care Rochester NY - Summer Safety - Keeping Hornets and Wasps Away From Your Mom

Elder Care Rochester NY – Summer Safety – Keeping Hornets and Wasps Away From Your Mom

If your mom is allergic to wasp or hornet stings, you probably already take steps to keep the stinging insects away. If she’s not, you might not think about the dangers of having wasp and hornet nests in areas your mom frequents.

Risks of a Hornet or Wasp Sting

Unlike some bees, when a hornet and wasp starts an attack, they can keep going. One stinging insect can keep stinging over and over again. Plus, some will signal to others in the nest to help. Once an attack starts, your mom’s best option is to run for cover. If she can’t move fast enough, she may get a lot of painful stings.

If your mom is walking up or down the stairs when the stinging insects attack, she could fall and get seriously hurt. Wearing lighter colored clothing and avoiding perfumes and fragrances can help keep hornets and wasps from showing interest, but if your mom gets too close to a nest, they will attack.

What Happens if Your Mom is Stung?

If she is allergic, seek immediate medical attention. She should have an EpiPen in case of anaphylaxis. If she’s not, she’s going to be in pain. Stings will swell and ache. A paste made of baking soda and water can alleviate the discomfort.

Monitor any stings for signs that an allergic reaction is occurring. You want to make sure your mom doesn’t feel lightheaded or start having a hard time breathing. Watch for nausea, severe swelling, and vomiting.

Remove Nests Early

The best time to remove a hornet’s or wasp’s nest is while it’s still small. An insect spray that allows you to stand many feet away is best. Once the next is down and there are no active hornets or wasps, bag the nest up and put it in the trash. If you leave the empty nest in place, the insects may return to build it again.

When the nest is too large for you to remove safely, hire an exterminator. They’re equipped with suits and sprays that will keep them safe from stings. You’ll also want an exterminator for nests that hornets have built inside the walls of your mom’s home or under her home’s siding.

If your mom likes to spend time outside, you might feel more comfortable having an elder care aide with her. Elder care professionals can help your mom with housework and laundry. They’ll join her when she goes outside to hang laundry to dry or while she works in her gardens. Elder care professionals also offer services like transportation, meal preparation, and companionship. Call to learn more.

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