Baby boomers haven’t gotten where they are in life by only looking out for themselves and that attitude holds true even now, when many boomers are in need of help themselves. August is Boomers Making a Difference Month, which is about your elder still reaching out to others and helping where she can.

Elder Care Rochester NY - How Can You Help Your Senior to Celebrate Boomers Making a Difference Month?

Elder Care Rochester NY – How Can You Help Your Senior to Celebrate Boomers Making a Difference Month?

Talk about the Ways Your Elder Already Makes a Difference

It’s not always easy to see the ways that you yourself make a difference and the same is true for your aging adult. There are likely a lot of lives that she touches on a daily basis and she may not even realize it. Sit down with her and talk about all the different people that she touches every single day. She might be shocked.

Explore Ideas for New Activities

There may be some other ways that your elderly family member wants to make a difference to her friends, her family, and her community. Explore different ideas together. Perhaps she wants to volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month. Or she might want to read stories to children at the local library. Other ideas might be spending time with shelter animals or helping to deliver meals to people who are housebound.

Make a Plan for Future Activities

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to make a plan to meet those goals. Your senior may need to sign up to volunteer or even take some training to do what she wants to do to make a difference. Some activities may have a lengthy waiting list, too, because they’re popular and many people want to help out. You may want to do a little bit of research and determine how taxing these activities might be on your aging adult.

Ensure Your Elder Can Follow through on that Plan

Once you know what your elderly family member has to do in order to follow through on her plan, it’s time to implement those steps. If she needs transportation, elder care providers can help her to get where she needs to go. And if what she needs is a little extra support for her mobility and a companion to keep her company, they can provide that, too.

Making a difference is something that can give your aging adult a boost in her morale. Even if much of your senior’s life is difficult, helping others is something that can hold a great deal of meaning for her.

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John Hunt