Summer weather is often beautiful and encourages outdoor life, but with super-hot temperatures comes greater danger. Your senior needs to be aware of potential problems she might face, especially if she has trouble regulating her body temperature.

Elder Care Rochester NY - Four Tips for Hot Weather Safety

Elder Care Rochester NY – Four Tips for Hot Weather Safety

Air Conditioning Can Help Immensely

Air conditioning used to be a luxury in most places, but it’s become a little more essential. It’s definitely a good idea for your elderly family member to have access to an air conditioner, even a window unit. Aging adults are more susceptible to heat and may not even recognize that they’re becoming overheated. Ceiling fans used in conjunction with air conditioners can help to circulate the air which might help her to set the AC to a slightly higher temperature while still reaping the benefits of the cool air.

Clothing Choices Matter

Tight clothing or clothes that are made of dense, heavy fabrics can trap heat against your senior’s body. This can make her uncomfortable during hotter weather and might even lead to faster dehydration. Pay attention also to the colors of your senior’s summer clothing. Clothes that are lighter in color can repel more of the sun’s rays and therefore stay cooler. Hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas are all excellent accessories.

Water Can Help Her to Stay Cooler

Drinking water throughout the day can help your senior to keep herself cooler during hot weather. If the weather is especially hot, she might need to up her usual water intake by a glass or two to compensate. On days that she’s especially active, water intake can be even more important. Encourage her to keep water bottles with her so that she’s always got access to something to drink.

Too Much Activity Can Help Her to Overheat

If your elderly family member is more active than usual during hotter weather, she’s more likely to get closer to overheating. For activities that occur outdoors, like gardening, encourage your senior to limit the time she’s outside to short bursts frequently throughout the day or to time her gardening for cooler parts of the day. If she’s exercising, focusing on indoor activities is a good option.

Keep an eye on temperatures and try to coordinate your senior’s activities with what the weather is expected to do. It might also help to hire elder care providers to assist your senior. Elder care services providers can help her to avoid potentially dangerous situations that can arise due to heat.

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