Four Incredibly Easy Ways to Eat a Little Better

Changing your eating habits radically overnight is rarely a good idea. It’s tough to keep up with such big changes and it might make you feel cranky, which is definitely not something you need as a caregiver of an elder relative.  But you do need to eat a little healthier and making small changes like these can help a lot.

Elder Care Rochester NY - Four Incredibly Easy Ways to Eat a Little Better

Elder Care Rochester NY – Four Incredibly Easy Ways to Eat a Little Better

Don’t Aim for Perfect

If you’re aiming for a perfect diet, that’s going to feel impossible pretty quickly. Instead of perfect, aim for eating “well enough.” That means you don’t have to stick to a certain calorie count or anything like that. You’re trying instead to aim for a balanced set of meals each day. That means if you grab that fast donut for breakfast, maybe lunch has some extra vegetables. Instead of an afternoon snack full of processed sugar, maybe you grab an apple.

Track Everything You Eat

It’s really easy to forget what you have already eaten throughout the day. If you’re finding yourself doing a lot of mindless eating or snacking, tracking every single thing that you eat can help you to get in the habit of noticing what you’re eating and whether that matches up with your food goals for the day and the week. It might feel cumbersome at first, but it gets easier the more that you do it.

Swap Out One Less Healthy Ingredient

When you’re cooking, you might worry that you have to ditch an entire recipe or way of cooking. But especially when you’re just starting to pay attention to what you’re eating you can get big benefits just from swapping out one less healthy ingredient for another. For instance, you might go with brown rice rather than white rice. Opting for that slightly healthier ingredient probably won’t affect the taste much, but you’re making a tiny step in the direction of healthier eating.

Tweak Your Snacks

If you’re a snacker it should come as no surprise that snacks might be where your good eating habits fall apart. Snacks are small and easy to forget, especially if you’re not tracking everything you eat. They can also tend to be higher in calories, making them double trouble. Opting for something a little healthier can be the right option. Pairing that apple with some peanut butter gives you fiber, vitamins, and protein, all of which your body needs.

What you eat really does matter. It impacts your energy levels significantly, which might be the difference between you being able to keep up with all that you need to do as a caregiver of an elder relative and feeling constantly behind.

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John Hunt