Emergency Supplies Your Parents Should Have Tucked Away Before a Winter Storm

Several storms have already hit different parts of the U.S. this winter. If there’s a power outage or roads are messy for days following a storm, your parents need to have specific supplies on hand.

Here’s a list of the things you need to make sure your mom and dad have before the next storm.

Elder Care Rochester NY – Emergency Supplies Your Parents Should Have Tucked Away Before a Winter Storm

Elder Care Rochester NY – Emergency Supplies Your Parents Should Have Tucked Away Before a Winter Storm

Secondary Heat Source

If the power goes out, your parents will be without heat in most cases. A wood stove or a kerosene heater will help. If they do have a backup source for heat, they really need to make sure their batteries in carbon monoxide detectors are fresh.

With a kerosene space heater, they should place it near the front door and leave the door cracked open. A wood stove should only be used if the chimney has been cleaned or inspected before the season started to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide or chimney fire.


If your parents are on public water, they should be okay. If they have a well, the pump won’t work when the power is out. They will need fresh water to drink. It’s important to have a store of bottled water for this reason.

Perishable Foods

While the power is out, it may be hard to cook foods. An outdoor grill is helpful for grilling meats and vegetables, but the colder weather may make it hard to get the grill lit and hot enough to cook foods. The weather may not be ideal for standing outside while cooking a meal.

Canned foods that don’t have to be reheated are ideal. Canned fruit in natural fruit juice, canned vegetables, and canned meats are ideal.

Battery-Powered Phones and Radios

A radio is important for hearing the latest updates on road conditions, weather alerts, and news. Your parents should have a small radio they can use during the power outage. A battery-powered phone is also ideal. They’ll need to be able to call emergency services, and a cordless landline won’t work when power is out unless the base has battery back-up.

Don’t let a storm pass without having someone check on your parents. If you don’t live close enough, arrange elder care services. Elder care providers can stop by and make sure your parents have food, water, and are warm enough. If they’re in danger of hypothermia, elder care providers can help get them to safety. Call our elder care agency to discuss the other ways caregivers can keep your parents happy and safe.

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John Hunt