It is an unfortunate reality that most people don’t get enough sleep. This can be detrimental to physical and mental health, and dramatically diminish quality of life. There are many factors that can go into not getting the rest you need, and as a family caregiver it is important for you to take as many steps as possible to help your parent rest, relax, and get good quality sleep for their best health and well-being.

Elder Care Rochester NY - Creating a Relaxing Sleeping Environment for Your Senior

Elder Care Rochester NY – Creating a Relaxing Sleeping Environment for Your Senior

While there are some factors that are more difficult to directly influence, there are some simple ways you can increase the chances your parent will be able to fall asleep comfortable and sleep well throughout the night. One is making sure their sleeping environment is optimized for rest.

Use these tips to create a relaxing sleeping environment for your elder:

Eliminate light. Light is what triggers your brain to wake up and stay awake. Even a small amount of light, such as the glow of a TV screen or an alarm clock can disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. Eliminate as much light as possible from your senior’s bedroom, but make sure they have easy access to a lighting source in case they need to get up in the middle of the night. A bedside lamp or even a flashlight can prevent your parent from having to walk across a dark room and possibly be at risk.

Lower the temperature. You might think of being warm and cozy when it comes to going to bed, but it’s important not to overdo it. A room that is too warm makes for fitful sleep and can actually cause headaches, grogginess, and fatigue the next day. Instead, keep the temperature low in the bedroom and pile on layers of blankets. Sleeping in lightweight pajamas with layers of bedding lets your parent naturally maintain their temperature while getting the benefits of a cool sleeping environment.

Create a comfortable bed. The quality of the sheets your parent uses will make a major impact on the quality of sleep they get. Choose natural fibers over synthetics and make sure they are washed regularly. Their pillows can also make a major difference for them. Try different shapes, styles, and materials to find the ones that are right for your loved one.

Utilize scent. Smell is a very powerful sense and can both help your parent sleep and wake them up. Avoid using smells in the bedroom that stimulate the mind, such as citrus. Instead, opt for soothing options, like spearmint and eucalyptus.

If your aging loved one isn’t getting enough sleep at night, you may not be either. Not getting enough sleep can leave you exhausted, not able to think clearly, and not able to give your best in all of the ways people rely on you.

Elder care can be there for your aging loved one both during the day and at night to ensure they always have access to the support they need according to their specific challenges and limitations. Whether that means active and involved care during the day, helping your parent to establish and follow through with a routine in the evening to help them wind down, or a weekend alert care throughout the night to give them assistance to keep them safe, an elder home care services provider and meet your senior’s needs while also allowing you to get the rest you need to be your best.


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John Hunt