Celebrate Fall Hat Month in September!

They may seem like simple household articles of clothing, but there is something special about wearing a hat and the personal meanings hats have for the wearer. Yes, some hats are worn simply to keep your head and ears warm in the winter. But Fall Hat Month is celebrated in September! And that’s a fun reason to tell your special story by dawning a fall hat that has personal meaning for you or for the elder to whom you are providing care.

Elder Care Rochester NY - Celebrate Fall Hat Month in September!

Elder Care Rochester NY – Celebrate Fall Hat Month in September!

Here are a few ways to celebrate National Hat Month with your elderly adult that can serve a practical purpose and also bring special meaning to your elderly love one by allowing him or her to express with their hat what is important to them or to share makes them feel special!

Accessorize A Favorite Outfit with a Fall Hat.

Elderly adults who need care love to dress in their favorite outfits but often do not have a reason to get dressed up to go out. Presenting a new fall hat in September to accessorize a favorite outfit is a perfect way to get your elderly loved one up and moving. Wearing their favorite outfit makes them feel pretty or handsome, and showing off a new hat offers a reason to feel that way! It makes them feel young at heart!

Be Practical.

Having an elder wear hats in September is a practical way to have your loved one protect themselves from the sun. September is still hot and sunny, and if your elderly adult is active, wearing a hat helps to protect his or her head, face, eyes, and skin from the damaging effects of the sun and wind. September is still an important time to create the habit for your elderly adults to wear a hat when they are active outdoors.

Represent a Meaningful Cause.

Hats are not only practical, they can be meaningful. Hats can represent important causes that have special meaning for the elderly. For example, many elderly women participate in the tradition of wearing hats to church. Elderly male veterans often wear caps representing the branch of the military with which they are affiliated. Such hats have particular personal meaning to those who wear them. Presenting the elderly with a personalized hat, or wearing the same hat, is a respectful way of honoring their personal causes.

Support Your Favorite Ball Team.

Elderly men and women who are sports fans love to dawn the hats of their favorite ball teams. Use the occasion of National Hat Month to make a surprise visit in September and present your elderly adult with their team’s cap. Then head out to ballpark together for an afternoon of conversation and fun! Or perhaps simply watch a game together on TV while wearing your favorite lucky ball caps!

Simply Make a Connection

If for no other reason, Fall Hat Month is a perfect occasion to simply make a connection by presenting, sharing, or wearing a special hat that has meaning for your elderly loved one. Elderly adults often have histories with their hats. Hats with histories can present opportunities to reminisce with your elderly loved one about memorable events, happy celebrations, and personal experiences. Hats with histories may have decades of wisdom underneath them! Take advantage of Fall Hat Month in September as part of your role as a caregiver to inquire about the wisdom and special meaning that a personal hat may represent for your elderly loved one.

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John Hunt