How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Cope Around the House without Diminishing Independence

Elder Care Pittsford NY Elder Care Pittsford NY

Being a family caregiver can become complicated when you want to offer more help to your elder loved one but she wants to stay independent. One way to compromise is to find tools and devices that can help your loved one to cope while still giving you peace of mind.

Invest in Kitchen Tools that Make Life Easier 

If your loved one still loves to cook but hates how difficult it has become, kitchen tools can make all the difference. There are jar and bottle openers, cutting and dicing tools, and a whole host of other devices that make life easier for an elderly loved one. Try searching for “adaptive kitchen tools” to find a wide range of different items.

Make Reaching Tools Available 

Does your loved one have a difficult time reaching for objects that she needs? She might also have problems with grip strength or simply with overall mobility. For those situations, a reaching tool can be incredibly helpful. These often have a long handle with an easy-to-use hand mechanism on one side and a pincher to grip on the other.

Change out Door Knobs 

For most of your life, door knobs may never present even one tiny problem. For an elderly loved one with mobility issues or arthritis, though, door knobs can feel as restricting as a deadbolt. Change them out for levers that are easier to operate or even remove doors to some rooms. This can make it much easier for your loved one to maneuver in her own home.

Look for Talking Appliances 

Loved ones who have vision problems may appreciate appliances with large print and large buttons, but for some even that isn’t enough. Look for appliances that can speak to your loved one so that she doesn’t have to read anything at all. Clocks, calculators, and even kitchen appliances are on the market that can do just that.

Find Bathroom Accessories 

The bathroom can be a dangerous room and your loved one is already vulnerable enough in there. If she’s resistant to having help in the bathroom, consider accessories that make everything much easier. Bathing benches or chairs allow your loved one to shower or bathe on her own. Elevated toilet seats can help your loved one sit down and stand up much more easily.

Another way to provide a layer of assistance without removing independence is to hire senior care providers to provide company for your loved one when you can’t be there. Then, if your loved one does need help, someone is immediately available.

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