Elder Care in Rochester, NY: Reducing Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the hype in the media that our food sources are contaminated, our water sources are tainted; everything we eat, drink or do seems to have a health risk factor involved. If we listened to everything on the media we would be tempted to stop eating and drinking altogether. But that’s a ridiculous conclusion to come to, of course. So how do we eat healthy while reducing our risk of developing high blood pressure?

Research has verified that developing high blood pressure is not a pre-disposed inevitable condition of aging. In fact, some very simple changes in lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. No matter what the age of your loved one is, making these changes can almost immediately begin to alter the high blood pressure course he may already be on.

Elder Care in Rochester, NYHopefully, your loved one can see the need to eat healthy in a way that avoids the risk of developing hypertension or high blood pressure. If he doesn’t, you may need a support system to ensure he follows a healthy, risk-reducing diet. Your support team could include you, your loved one’s doctor and his elderly home care attendant. Working together, you can ensure that he is given healthy meals that are conducive to a healthy blood pressure level.

Tips for reducing risk of high blood pressure:

  • Reduce sodium intakes. This includes limiting processed foods, which have a tendency to have high sodium contents. The use of fresh or dried herbs can be used to season foods rather than the salt shaker.
  • Avoid the use of, or drink alcohol moderately. Consuming it in higher amounts than one drink per day can have a blood pressure raising effect. If the client is a heavy drinker, it will require a doctor’s help to reduce levels in a healthy way so that blood sugar and blood pressure levels aren’t sent skyrocketing with a cold-turkey halt.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has been linked with hypertension. It has also been linked with obesity which also causes hypertension. In general, it is best to avoid intake of this substance. Read the food labels. HFCS is usually added to processed foods. If so, return it to the shelf and opt for a healthier selection.

Lowering blood pressure with some simple measures can really make a difference in a person’s overall health. If you need any more assistance with tips to lower your loved one’s high blood pressure be sure to consult his doctor.

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