Elder Care in Pittsford, NY: Hair Care

Women love to have lovely looking hair. It’s funny how women with straight hair always wanted it curly and women with curly hair always wished it was straight. Women love to express their personality with their hairstyle. Most women, aging or not, want to look their best. It’s an emotional boost to have hair and make-up looking their finest at all times when out in public, or even at home with very few people around.

Elder Care in Pittsford, NYIf you’ve been wondering the best way to take good care of your elder’s hair, it’s good to do a little bit of research first. Caring for an elderly person’s hair is slightly different than caring for younger hair. The amount and texture of hair change with age. Because most elderly women have short hair, even with a perm it still requires frequent curling to keep it looking nice.

Hair care tips for Elders

  • Temperature and lighting of the room are important, as are comfort of the chair and the temperature of the water and other products used to apply onto the hair. Women’s hair tends to thin as they age. Their hair may be coarse or fine, depending on their hair type, but it rarely grows in as thick as it used to. The skin on the top of their head has also thinned, which means hot water could really give them a nasty burn.
  • She knows her hair better than anyone, and knows the styles she likes or doesn’t like. Don’t try to give her a style you would want; just go with what she wants. It’s her hair, and it’s not worth arguing about. Just become her helping hands to achieve the effect she wants and it will greatly reduce stress for both of you.
  • One thing you will learn very early on in elderly home care is to keep things simple and realistic. A lot more can get accomplished when you don’t stress over the small details. She knows reality – her hair isn’t going to be the same as it used to be years ago.
  • Add in some humor whenever you can. Life is too short to take everything seriously all the time. Some humor will help to put her at ease as well, and make this whole hair care thing a lot easier for both of you.
  • Remain calm. You can distract her if you need to, with a book to read or some favorite music, while you take time to figure out how to get her hair to stay in curlers (hair rollers, hair clips, hair pins, etc.)

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