Elders Can Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month With These 5 Tips

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Elder Care in Pittsford NYJazz is the type of music many elders grew up listening to and will most likely bring back fond memories from their childhood. Since April is Jazz Appreciation Month, also known as JAM, it is the perfect time to dust off those old records and enjoy them together. It was created as a way for people of all ages to participate in jazz and learn more about the stories behind the music. If your loved one is receiving elder care, take some time throughout the month to do the following activities, not only as a way to celebrate this unique form of music, but also to bond with your elderly parent or relative.

  • Do your research. Find out more about the artists who sing your loved one’s favorite songs by doing some research together. If your parent is receiving in-home care, offer to pick them up and take them to the library, where they can find books on some of their favorite musicians.
  • Listen to their stories. Jazz music may hold special memories for your aging parent, so listen intently and ask questions when needed. Most seniors enjoy sharing their experiences and memories with people who will listen, so show them you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Participate in a festival. Some towns or cities may hold festivals or concerts to celebrate JAM, so find out if there is one in your area. You may be able to find this information in a local paper, online, through church, or at a community center.
  • Play a jazz record. If your loved one has a favorite album, go ahead and put it on. While you are at it, invite them to dance with you to the music. Invite other family members and the elder’s grandchildren over to listen to the album also as a way for your loved one to share their favorite music and memories with other generations. The grandchildren will surely remember these fond memories for years to come.
  • Meet other jazz enthusiasts. Older adults who are in need of senior care may spend a great deal of time at home by themselves or with a caregiver, not having the opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests. Meeting others who have a similar love for jazz will give your loved one someone to talk to, possibly creating a friendship out of it. You may want to check the senior center or community center for jazz activities geared towards the older population.

Jazz has been around for decades and was probably a part of your loved one’s childhood. Let your elderly parent embrace their love for this form of music by following these tips.


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